Bojix Design 2013 Ford Mustang

It takes a lot to stand out at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Among the glitz and glamor there are dozens of vehicles vying for attention with shiny wheels, television screens and crazy paint jobs. Unfortunately this means that builders often focus more on flash rather than finesse, and cars don’t often live up to expectations on closer inspection. Thankfully that isn’t the case with the 2013 Ford Mustang GT you see here. Although the blue and orange livery instantly caught our eye where it was on display at the ProCharger booth, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the true appeal of this car is in the details.

Created by Bojix Design of Southern California, this Mustang is the brainchild of two brothers, Haro and George Derkrikorian. The two founded Bojix in 2010 with an emphasis on Ford Fiesta performance parts, but it was always the dream of the younger brother, George, to get into developing and selling Mustang parts as well. Tragically George passed away due to a drunk driver, and it was up to Haro to continue the new business venture. In honor of his brother, Haro decided to build a Mustang.

“My late brother always had said that we needed to get our hands on a new 5.0 so we can give it our treatment,” Haro told us. “We both have been Mustang fans for a very long time.”

With that mission in mind, Haro set about creating a truly unique Mustang. Starting with a stock Grabber Blue Mustang GT, went about doing his own take on the famous Gulf paint scheme found on so many legendary race cars. A carbon fiber stripe runs the length of the car, accented by orange striping and trim. The front received a more aggressive look thanks to a Boss 302 front splitter and grille, a 3dCarbon rear spoiler, and the new carbon fiber side splitters and were created specifically by Bojix Design. Following the theme, the Rennen M10 20-inch wheels were painted a custom orange to match.

Perhaps the coolest part of the exterior is out back where Bojix created a custom rear bumper with exhaust outlets cutout on either side of the license plate. The design has a very supercar look to it, and it’s something we’ve never seen done before. We asked Haro if he was going to offer a kit to customers to do the same, and he’s still undecided.

The inside of the Mustang is subtle and tasteful. It definitely isn’t the wildest we’ve seen, but it’s well done and something we’d actually want to spend some time in.

The Recaro seats, originally cloth, have been wrapped in the factory leather. The steering wheel is covered in Alcantara, and the custom floor mats feature orange piping to match the exterior. The same goes for the rear seat delete, with orange cross bracing. Finally, a white cue ball shifter helps make gear changing duties a breeze.

Under the hood a ProCharger Stage II supercharger system has been installed utilizing the P-1SC-1 centrifugal supercharger, a large front-mounted air-to-air intercooler and an 8-rib drive system. With 7 psi of boost the 5.0-liter V8 now produces 605 horsepower.

The rest of the engine bay has the same clean look found throughout the rest of the car, void of excess bling or over styling. Orange striping and a Grabber Blue 5.0 badge are the only other modifications to the Coyote V8.

To make the Mustang handle as well as it looked, Haro turned to Eibach for their Multi-Pro R2 adjustable suspension system. The coilover setup utilizes shock reserves both front and rear, allowing for tunable damping and ride height. A set of Eibach front and rear sway bars were also installed.

For stopping power Haro turned to the Ford parts bin, fitting a set of the factory-spec 14-inch Brembo brakes with 4-piston calipers up front.

While the Grabber Blue paint and orange graphics might give a false first impression, this 2013 Mustang is actually an exercise in tasteful restraint. It’s appeal is in the clean design and subtle changes. Plus, it can perform daily driver duties just as well as it can grabbing attention on the SEMA show floor. “Our goal was to build a car that would ride nice, handle well, fast, and gets attention,” Haro told us. Mission accomplished.

For a closer look at the Bojix Design 2013 Ford Mustang check out our extensive photo gallery below.

Bojix Design 2013 Ford Mustang 02-bojix-design-2013-mustang 03-bojix-design-2013-mustang 04-bojix-design-2013-mustang Bojix Design 2013 Ford Mustang 06-bojix-design-2013-mustang 07-bojix-design-2013-mustang 08-bojix-design-2013-mustang 09-bojix-design-2013-mustang 10-bojix-design-2013-mustang 11-bojix-design-2013-mustang 12-bojix-design-2013-mustang 13-bojix-design-2013-mustang 14-bojix-design-2013-mustang 15-bojix-design-2013-mustang 16-bojix-design-2013-mustang 17-bojix-design-2013-mustang 18-bojix-design-2013-mustang 19-bojix-design-2013-mustang 20-bojix-design-2013-mustang 21-bojix-design-2013-mustang 22-bojix-design-2013-mustang 23-bojix-design-2013-mustang 24-bojix-design-2013-mustang 25-bojix-design-2013-mustang 26-bojix-design-2013-mustang 27-bojix-design-2013-mustang 28-bojix-design-2013-mustang 29-bojix-design-2013-mustang 30-bojix-design-2013-mustang 31-bojix-design-2013-mustang 32-bojix-design-2013-mustang 33-bojix-design-2013-mustang 34-bojix-design-2013-mustang 35-bojix-design-2013-mustang 36-bojix-design-2013-mustang 37-bojix-design-2013-mustang 38-bojix-design-2013-mustang 39-bojix-design-2013-mustang 40-bojix-design-2013-mustang 41-bojix-design-2013-mustang 42-bojix-design-2013-mustang 43-bojix-design-2013-mustang 44-bojix-design-2013-mustang 45-bojix-design-2013-mustang

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