Detroit Speed has this week released a great new deep tub kit for the 1964.5 to 1970 Ford Mustang that allows for wider rear wheel and tire packages. The kit allows you to add a nice big set of tires to your vintage mustang by giving extra clearance. They are designed for a perfect fit, retain a stock appearance, and are available exclusively through Detroit Speed, Inc. The Mustang Deep Tubs come with a replacement framerail section and doubler reinforcement plates to accommodate a wider rear tire. The Deep Tubs are up to 2 1/2” inches wider than stock, stamped from 18 gauge steel, and made in
the USA and apparently will significantly reduce the number of hours required for a mini-tub project.

Pricing is from $400. Check out the below graph to get specifics for your model year and If you’re keen to check them out head on over to Detroit Speed.


[Detroit Speed]

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