1967 Ford Mustang Pro-Touring

If you’re in the market for a Pro-Touring Mustang, then look no further than this pristine 1967 Fastback that’s currently up for grabs on eBay. Offered by RK Motors in Charlotte, NC, this custom Mustang boasts a plethora of modern upgrades from the engine to the suspension to the interior. Under the hood is a stunning 545ci V8 mated to a Tremec 6-speed transmission, and while horsepower isn’t listed we’re confident it’s not in short supply. The underpinnings of the Mustang are equally impressive, with a coilover suspension system, tubular control arms and plenty of chassis reinforcement.

The aesthetics of the Mustang have been completely redone as well, and a Shelby-look front end has been combined with custom fabricated body components finished with six coats of black paint and ten coats of clear. Inside the cockpit has been completely covered in red leather, and a massive sound system has been installed with subwoofers residing where the rear seats used to be.

Want this custom 1967 Mustang for yourself? The Buy-It-Now is a pricey $149,900, but it’s probably cheaper than building your own. Head over to the listing to read more about the car, or check out the video and photo gallery below.

1967 Ford Mustang Pro-Touring 02-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 03-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 04-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 05-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 06-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 07-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 08-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 09-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 10-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 11-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 12-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 13-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 14-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 15-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 16-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 17-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 18-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 19-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 20-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 21-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 22-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 23-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 24-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring 25-1967-ford-mustang-pro-touring

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