APR 2012 Ford Mustang Widebody

APR Performance has officially debuted their 2012 Ford Mustang at the SEMA Show featuring the company’s new 10-piece widebody kit for the 2010-2014 Mustang. The body kit has been designed from the ground up widening the bodywork by 50mm on each side to allow for larger wheels and tires front and rear. The kit also includes APR’s track-proven carbon fiber aero parts including their front splitter, GT-250 wing and rear diffuser.

Being on display in the ProCharger booth, the APR widebody Mustang also features the new i-1 programmable ratio supercharger system, adding 200 rwhp to the 5.0L V8. The black finish on the supercharger is making its debut at the SEMA show as well. Other modifications including a KW coilover suspension system, Stoptech brakes, MagnaFlow exhaust system and Sparco race seats.

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