NASCAR-powered 2008 Ford Mustang AIX Race Car

We first got wind of this incredible NASCAR-powered 2008 Ford Mustang race car built by The Mustang Shop of Auburn, WA back in May, and the sound of the 358 cubic inch V8 instantly won us over. Now we’re getting our first look at the car up close, as it’s on display at the Whiteline booth here at the SEMA Show.

In addition to the ex-Mark Martin Roush/Yates V8 engine under the hood, this Mustang race car also features a host of other components necessary to make it competitive in the AIX class of NASA’s American Iron series. Whiteline has taken care of the suspension with front and rear sway bars, an anti-dive kit, watts-link and control arms, while a set of Baer 14-inch drilled and slotted rotors can be found behind the lightweight 18-inch Enkei wheels.

You can check out the NASCAR-powered 2008 Ford Mustang race car in more detail in the gallery below.

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