Creations n' Chrome Top Notch Mustang

Creations n’ Chrome Top Notch Mustang made quite a splash at SEMA last year, wowing with its supercharged Ford Racing Aluminator crate engine, lightweight carbon fiber bodywork and chrome blue paint. The over-the-top Fox Body returned to Las Vegas once again for 2013, this time with a few updates.

“There have been several changes to the car aesthetically and mechanically,” said Gary Watson, owner of Creations n’ Chrome. Top Notch now features a Race Red exterior, and the overall look of the car has been refined with a 1993 Cobra rear bumper and carbon fiber side extensions, rear diffuser and rear wing from APR Performance. The HRE C100 wheels have also been refitted with Toyota R888 tires.

Creations n’ Chrome will be continuing to develop the car for both Time Attack and standing mile events. “We are going to road race it first. The plan is to do some Redline Time Attack events and then maybe step up to Global Time Attack, but that will be after the car is fully developed,” Watson told us. “Once we feel really comfortable with the handling package then we’ll go for that 200 mph goal in the standing mile.”

Watson also told us that Current Formula Drift champion Michael Essa will be helping with the development. “We’ve got a tremendous opportunity to work with Michael Essa again. He did the initial shakedown and gave us feedback on the car, and we’ve made a lot of changes based on his recommendations.”

You can see Creations n’ Chrome’s Top Notch Mustang in more detail in the gallery below.

Creations n' Chrome Top Notch Mustang 02-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 03-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 04-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 05-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 06-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 07-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 08-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 09-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 10-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 11-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 12-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 13-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 14-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 15-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema 16-cnc-top-notch-v2-sema

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