Ring Brothers Carbon Fiber Ford Mustang Body

One of the coolest Ford Mustangs at this year’s SEMA Show wasn’t even a complete Mustang. In addition to debuting their fabulous 1965 Mustang ‘Blizzard’, the Ring Brothers also announced that they will be offering carbon fiber body components for the 1965-1966 Mustang. To demonstrate they brought out one of their upcoming builds clad in bare carbon fiber from the rear decklid to the roof. The lightweight body panels can be bonded to an original Mustang unibody, and the Ring Brothers will sell each piece individually or as a complete package on a custom chassis. The carbon fiber pieces aren’t an exact replica of the original, though, as the fenders, doors and quarter panels are widened two inches on each side to allow for wider wheels and tires.

We talked with Mike Ring about the new carbon fiber components, who told us that the company will try and make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase parts within their budgets. “Obviously we would love to sell the whole thing, but I’ve made it so that there are many options,” he told us. “You could buy the doors, you could buy the decklid, and so on.”

The company doesn’t expect the parts to fly off the shelves, though. Pricing has yet to be announced, but expect the high quality carbon fiber to be on the expensive side. “I honestly don’t think it’s going to be something that’s going to explode,” Ring told us. “If I can sell a few it will be great.” Each of the components will be made to order, with a complete package taking around four to five weeks to build.

You can see the Ring Brothers new carbon fiber body panels for the 1965-1966 Mustang in more detail in the gallery below.

Ring Brothers Carbon Fiber Ford Mustang Body 02-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 03-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 04-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 05-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 06-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 07-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 08-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 09-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 10-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 11-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 12-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 13-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 14-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 15-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 16-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body 17-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body

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