HyperStang Hellanor Ford Mustang

One of the coolest late model Ford Mustangs at the SEMA Show was actually outside the convention center. Nicknamed “Hellanor”, the car is one of a series of specialty Mustangs built by HyperStangs, the performance division of Rich Ford in Albuquerque, NM. Starting with a stock 2014 Mustang GT, Hyperstangs started off by installing Hellion’s eliminator twin-turbo system good for up to 800 horsepower. A set of Tokico DA struts and shocks came next, followed by BMR lower controls arms and a panhard rod, Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates and Shelby GT500 front 15-inch brakes with 6-piston calipers.

Hellanor has the looks to go along with its performance, too. Shelby’s widebody fenders have been fitted at the rear, allowing for massive 345/35R20, and a more aggressive front fascia and CDC grille allow more airflow to the engine. The looks is finished off with a ram-air hood and a bold red stripe with silver accents.

You can see Hyperstangs’ Hellanor Mustang in more detail in the photo gallery below.

HyperStang Hellanor Ford Mustang 02-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema 03-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema 04-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema 05-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema 06-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema 07-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema 08-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema 09-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema 10-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema 11-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema 12-hyperstangs-hellanor-mustang-sema

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