Shelby GT500 Super Snake Wagon

 What does a yacht design business have to do with the Ford Mustang? The connection seems weird, but Newport Beach based company Strand Craft has released a rendering of a Shelby GT500 Super Snake Wagon that they say will be available for purchase in April of next year.  They claim the one-off Super Snake, complete with Shelby’s widebody kit, will be built by a Los Angeles concept car builder and will feature a full grain leather interior and luxurious McIntosh audio system to compliment the 850 horsepower supercharged V8.

 Don’t get your hopes up about this Super Snake Wagon ever coming to fruition, though. We don’t see anything but renderings of boats and cars on their web site, and most of their product line mostly seems like vaporware.

 Regardless, we love the idea of a Ford Mustang wagon (it wouldn’t be the first), especially with the performance credentials of the Shelby GT500 Super Snake. If this one doesn’t get built, perhaps someone else will take the idea and turn it into a reality.

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