ACCEL Ignition 2011 Ford Mustang

ACCEL Ignition had a monster of a Mustang in their booth at SEMA this year to show off some of the company’s new products. The car features ACCEL’s “Super Coil” ignition coils for the Coyote 5.0L V8 as well as their voltage booster and a set of custom coil covers.

There were plenty of parts from other companies as well, though, starting with a Roush supercharger system paired with a Ford Racing Cobra Jet throttle body and a JLT carbon fiber intake. With a 90mm pulley ACCEL says the car produces a stout 740 horsepower. The car also features Comp Cams’ Stage 3 XFI camshafts, a Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed transmission, MagnaFlow exhaust system, SSBC brakes and a custom suspension system from Lakewood.

You can see our live photos of the ACCEL Ignition 2011 Ford Mustang from SEMA in the gallery below.

ACCEL Ignition 2011 Ford Mustang 02-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 03-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 04-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 05-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 06-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 07-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 08-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 09-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 10-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 11-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 12-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema 13-accel-2011-ford-mustang-sema

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