TMI Sport XR Ford Mustang seats

TMI Products of Corona, CA debuted several new products at this year’s SEMA Show, most notably their new Sport XR seats for the 2005+ Ford Mustang. The company uses the Mustang’s stock seat frame as a base, headrest and all, and sculpts the new seat over it, finishing the new look with color contrasting French-seam stitching, suede inserts with bolsters, perforated insert material and stainless steel grommets available in polished or black oxide finishes.

The seats are available in a variety of colors, as you can see above, although our favorite combination was installed in TMI’s 2005 Mustang project car also on display. We think the factory option Recaros are still probably a better option, but the Sport XR seats are a nice alternative for those that want to change up their standard buckets.

You can take a closer look at the TMI Sport XR seats in the photo gallery below.

TMI Sport XR Ford Mustang seats 02-tmi-sport-xr-seats-sema 03-tmi-sport-xr-seats-sema 04-tmi-sport-xr-seats-sema 05-tmi-sport-xr-seats-sema 06-tmi-sport-xr-seats-sema 07-tmi-sport-xr-seats-sema

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