Kar Kraft 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Have you seen that Dr. Pepper commercial with the female boxer/model? She’s Mikaela Mayer, and this 1970 Boss 302—currently on eBay—is her Mustang equivalent.

Since you’re on this site we probably don’t need to give you the back story of the Boss 302, but for any newcomers: The Boss 302 was built for road racing, and it was very successful. Legendary even. It proved that Mustang could dominate more than the dragstrip, and racers from the grassroots level up turned to the Boss 302.

But the Bosses that were winning Trans-Am races weren’t exactly stock, and weekend racers wanted to modify their cars to improve their road course performance. Ford salesmen and service technicians weren’t much help, so Ford turned to Kar Kraft to help Boss 302 owners modify their cars.

With no Internet, Kar Kraft needed a print catalog, and they needed a car they could modify and photograph. This is that car. After the photoshoots were done, this car took to the track and claimed two second-place finishes and a third-place finish in SCCA events.

Now it was more than a pretty face. It was a hard-charging competitor-slash-magazine cover model. The Mikaela Mayer of Mustangs.

Ford withdraw support from racing after the 1970 season, but this car’s story doesn’t end there. It found its way to England where it won several Group B races and even competed in hill climbs.

Now it’s back in the US and can be yours for just $279,900. Visit the eBay listing for more information and details about the car.

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