2014 Shelby GT

Shelby American pulled the wraps off the 2014 Shelby GT earlier today, bringing back the model that was an official Ford model back in 2007 and 2008 and marking the first time the company has introduced a vehicle at the LA Auto Show. This time around the entry-level Shelby is a post-title package, meaning owners will have to send their Mustangs to Shelby’s facility in Las Vegas themselves for the conversion.

The $14,995 package price includes a new front fascia and grille, hood, Ford Racing suspension, Shelby branded exhaust, intake and engine tune for 430 horsepower, specially designed wheels and tires, short shifter, hood and Le Mans stripes. A supercharged version, dubbed the GT/SC (pictured), tags on another $13,000 and offers 550 horsepower, and a 624 horsepower version is on the option list as well. Other options, including a cooling package, watts-link system and caster/camber plates are also available.

We’ve got fresh photos from the unveiling at the LA Auto Show that you can see in the gallery below.

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