Saleen SA-30 30th Anniversary Mustang

Marking thirty years of Steve Saleen creating high performance Mustangs, Saleen Automotive today unveiled the new SA-30 Mustang. A total of ten SA-30 Mustangs will be produced, in keeping with the limited edition status of the company’s anniversary models.

The Saleen SA-30 Mustang exterior draws inspiration from the company’s motorsports roots. With thirty years marking the pearl anniversary, the SA-30 Mustang will be available in a single theme consisting of a custom ‘Tire Smoke’ pearl white Saleen paint with Speedlab yellow and black painted components, complimented by color-matched pearl white Saleen wheels.

The interior treatment has been completely redesigned for the Saleen SA-30 Mustang. In addition to the special edition SA-30 insignia on the serialized dash plaque, interior badging and SA-30 carpeting; the seating has been completely refreshed with a black leather and white perforated alcantara treatment that brings the 30th Anniversary livery to the drivers’ cabin as well. An optional complete interior reconfiguration in the form of a 2-seater setup, created by completely removing the rear seat and rear deck, then the fabrication creates a true racecar type interior transformation with custom formed panels to separate the cabin from the trunk area. Adding to the structure while improving handling is a race style cross-brace that ties in to the rear shock towers. Following the fabrication, Saleen crafts tailor-made leather to give a final fit and finish to the ‘rear seat delete’ option.

“When we began exploring some new Saleen styling that we wanted to debut with the SA-30 vehicles, we knew that we wanted something that spoke of our ‘Born of Racing’ heritage and a rear seat delete came as a natural choice for the SA-30”, said Sean Smith, Design Director. “Through the fastback design and we were able to add a lot of refinement to the interior while still retaining the racecar environment.”

The distinct SA-30 options are not only prepared for the interior but also projects outward in a familiar way. Saleen SA-30 302 model will also have a Saleen panoramic roof available option with a technological advancement, Saleen Frost-Touch Glass. Debuting on the SA-30 302 Mustang, the Saleen Frost-Touch Glass provides that ability to have a complete panoramic glass roof while giving the option to change it from translucent to opaque with the touch of a button. This technology is integrated into the panoramic roof and rear window glass to allow the user to diffuse the light in both areas independently. To quickly bring this technology to market for the SA-30 302, Saleen worked closely with Southern California based Glass Apps, LLC in a strategic partnership between the two firms.

“With past models, the panoramic glass roof was a fantastic compliment to any Saleen vehicle, but our #1 request was to develop a way to shade the glass without having to apply standard tint or add interior hardware”, said Sven Etzelsberger, VP of Engineering. “We began working with this technology some time ago and it has come to the point where we are able to completely frost the rear window to the panoramic glass roof almost instantaneous.”

Using suspended particle technology, the Saleen Frost-Touch Glass uses an electric current to energize and align otherwise randomly placed particles. When the Rear Window and the Panoramic Glass roof are in frost mode the level of solar transmission is reduced by 40 percent, and the amount of UV protection is increased by 98%.

Providing the Speed portion of the Speed | Science | Style trifecta is a well-integrated Saleen supercharged package adorning each of the SA-30 power plants. Horsepower tops out at 625HP with the SA-30 Mustang.

Providing grip and traction assistance is the Saleen suspension package that carries over from the current Saleen production Mustang. And stopping power is on demand with the yellow powder-coated Saleen big brake kits all as standard equipment for the SA-30 Mustang.

As a total run of just ten SA-30 will be built, and is expected to end quickly for these exclusive models. MSRP for the SA-30 Mustang is set at $95,000 before options. Orders for this and other Saleen vehicles can be placed today at Saleen dealers nationwide, or by contacting Saleen directly for a personalized ordering process which concludes at the nearest Saleen Authorized Dealership. For more information visit

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[Source: Saleen, Photos © 2013]

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