Galpin Auto Sports 2015 Ford Mustang

If there’s anyone that really loves customizing the Ford Mustang it’s Galpin Auto Sports. The aftermarket division of Galpin Ford, the largest Ford dealership in the World, GAS has created more modified Mustangs than just about anyone. From their widebody conversions to one-off creations like a convertible hardtop model, GAS has just about done it all. Undoubtedly they will be one of the first to get their hands on a 2015 Mustang, but it looks like they couldn’t even wait that long. The shop posted a rendering created by the shop’s designer Douglas Breuninger of a wildly customized 2015 Mustang on their Facebook page earlier today. The car features bolt-on widebody fenders, an aggressive front splitter, massive rear wing and a set of race wheels and tires.

While the rendered Mustang is over the top, we wouldn’t put it past Galpin Auto Sports to actually build the thing. Could this be one of the customized Mustangs to be on display at the SEMA Show next year? We’ll have to see…

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