The Ford Mustang engineering team has a history of coming up with some pretty innovative features – the Boss 302′s TracKey comes to mind – but one of piece of technology in the 2015 Mustang could be the coolest yet. According to, the 2015 Mustang will have special feature that will actually help the driver do burnouts. That’s right – big smokey burnouts. The news was first reported by Fox News, who were told by the Mustang’s chief engineer Dave Pericak that the car would have some industry-first features.

“[There are] a lot of new features and technology and I even have some that I’m not ready to tell you about, but we don’t forget how to play to the kid inside of us,” Pericak told Fox News. “We’ve got another feature coming that will be an OEM first.”, who asked around with some of their inside connections, says an unnamed source has unofficially confirmed the feature, but that they have not yet learned how it will exactly work. The system would likely disable traction control, limit the revs to an ideal rpm for a clutch dump, and finally use the front brakes to keep the car in place, either electronically or with a physical line lock. However, we wouldn’t put it past Ford to come up with an even more advanced way to do it.

We’ll bring you more details about the 2015 Mustang’s burnout mode as soon as we hear them.


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