2015 Ford Mustang Prototype

Before the 2015 Ford Mustang‘s reveal earlier this month, the only real glimpse we were able to get of the car was via the numerous spy photos that started appearing in the summer. While the photos caused even more speculation about the sixth generation Mustang’s design, the heavy camouflage attached to the car didn’t give away much at all. This was intentional, of course, and Ford even had a dedicated team to design the black plastic coverings that protected the car from prying eyes and spy photographers’ cameras.

While car companies generally don’t offer a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into camouflaging prototype cars, Ford has published a new video showing how they kept the 2015 Mustang under wraps until its official unveiling. They did a commendable job, especially considering the global interest surrounding the car. You can check out the video below.


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