2014 Ford Mustang

Sales of the Ford Mustang ended on a high note, with 5,727 units being sold in the month of December. That may not necessarily sound like a lot, but it bested the figures from the last two years including a 3.4 percent improvement compared to 2012. The number is even more impressive when you consider the unveiling of the all new 2015 Mustang came at the beginning of the month. The December sales figures also represented the third straight monthly improvement compared to last year.

Overall Ford Mustang sales for the year were still down compared to the previous year. A total of 77,186 units units were purchased off dealer lots in 2013 compared to 82,995 in 2012, a seven percent decrease. Much of the difference came in the Spring and Summer months when 2013 sales lagged significantly behind.

Overall Ford Motor Company sales remain strong, with retail sales up three percent for December. Annual sales record were set for the Fusion, Fiesta and Escape. The F-Series also retained the crown of the best selling truck.

You can see a complete breakdown of 2013 Ford Mustang sales in the chart below.

December 2013 Ford Mustang Sales Chart

[Source: Ford]

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    Ford Mustang sales end 2013 on a high note | Mustang News

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