Triple Yellow 2015 Ford Mustang

The doors opened to the 2014 North American International Auto Show opened in Detroit today, and despite having its global reveal last month the 2015 Ford Mustang has a huge presence on the show floor. With the public days coming in just a few days, this will be the opportunity for many people to see the car in person for the very first time.

We were hoping Ford would use the Detroit show to show off some of the new colors for the 2015 Mustang, and we were pleasantly surprised to see a Triple Yellow prominently displayed on a turntable right in the middle of the Ford booth. This is the first time Ford has shown off the color, both in real life or in photos. The car looks stunning in the hue, particularly with the black wheels that come with the performance package.

You can see our photos of the 2015 Ford Mustang in Triple Yellow at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show in the gallery below.

Triple Yellow 2015 Ford Mustang Triple Yellow 2015 Ford Mustang 03-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 04-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 05-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 06-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 07-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 08-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 09-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 10-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 11-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 12-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 13-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 14-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 15-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 16-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 17-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 18-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 19-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 20-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 21-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 22-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 23-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 24-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 25-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 26-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 27-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 28-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 29-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 30-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow 31-2015-ford-mustang-triple-yellow

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