2015 Ford Mustang Convertible in Magnetic

Earlier this week we told you that Ford had brought out a strong contingent of 2015 Mustangs to the Detroit Auto Show, which opened its doors to the media earlier this week, and showed you photo galleries of two colors never seen before – Triple Yellow and Black. Now we can show you a third model, a convertible painted in Magnetic. This is a new color for 2015, and most closely resembles Sterling Gray (not available for 2015) from the current Mustang lineup.

This is the first time we’ve seen a convertible and an Ecoboost model, and while we weren’t allowed to open the hood to see the new engine we did get a closer look at the premium interior without the standard seats. A quick inspection reveals some slight differences compared with the GT models equipped with the Performance Package we’ve seen before, like the lack of auxiliary gauges above the instrument panel.

You can see the 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible painted in Magnetic in detail in the photo gallery below.

2015 Ford Mustang Convertible in Magnetic 02-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 03-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 04-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 05-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 06-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 07-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 08-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 09-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 10-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 11-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 12-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 13-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 14-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 15-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 16-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 17-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 18-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 19-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic 20-2015-mustang-convertible-magnetic

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