2015 Ford Mustang Deep Impact Blue

While December saw the reveal of the sixth generation 2015 Ford Mustang, January has been all about showing you its colors. Literally. At the Detroit Auto Show we brought you images of the car in Triple Yellow, Black and Magnetic, and now we can have new photos of Deep Impact Blue. The color has been an option since 2013, but it looks nearly all new on the freshened sheetmetal of the 2015 Mustang.

The car pictured was on display at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ this past week, and was in fact the same car that was brought on stage to sell the rights to the very first production Mustang. While we did manage to get quite a few photos of the car crossing the auction block, we made sure to get a more detailed set of photos of the exterior as well without crowds of people blocking our view.

You can see the 2015 Ford Mustang in Deep Impact Blue in detail in the photo gallery below.

2015 Ford Mustang Deep Impact Blue 02-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 03-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 04-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 05-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 06-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 07-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 08-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 09-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 10-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 11-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 12-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 13-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 14-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 15-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 16-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 17-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 18-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 19-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 20-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 21-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue 22-2015-mustang-deep-impact-blue

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