Ford has uploaded the most recent video in its “Mustang Countdown” series, and this time the spotlight has been put on the Special Vehicle Team, or SVT. The history of the modern Mustang has been significantly shaped by this small group of engineers, creating legends like the SVT Cobra and the modern day Shelby GT500. While the team has worked on other Ford vehicles as well, like the F-150 or Focus, they will always be best known for their high performance versions of the Mustang.

SVT has had a few pretty cool one-off projects over the years as well, and this video takes a look at two of them – the 10-liter Boss Mustang and the ethanol-powered Super Stallion Mustang. Both were built under the supervision of the then-SVT boss John Coletti, who led the team for a full decade. Current SVT chief engineer Jamal Hameedi hosts the video, who talks about those one-off projects and his daily driver, a 2014 Shelby GT500. Just click the play button below to watch.

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