Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR

If you like the idea of the classic Shelby Mustang shape with a modern twist, then you have to check out this car built by Oklahoma-based Classic Recreations. The company has taken its Shelby GT500CR model, which normally features a vintage 427ci V8, and stuffed with a modern Coyote 5.0L V8  crate engine from Ford Racing Performance Parts. We originally showed you the car when it debuted at the SEMA Show back in November, but now we have plenty of new beauty shots for you showing every detail of the bright red fastback.

Of course, the Coyote V8 isn’t the only modern component of the GT500CR. The car also features a full coilover suspension system, rack & pinion steering and Baer slotted and cross-drilled disc brakes. The look of the car is all vintage, though, from the woodgrain and aluminum steering wheel to the high-back Rally Series seats.

You can check out all the details of the Coyote-powered Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR in the photo gallery below.

Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR 02-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 03-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 04-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 05-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 06-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 07-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 08-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 09-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 10-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 11-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 12-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 13-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 14-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 15-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 16-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 17-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 18-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 19-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 20-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 21-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 22-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 23-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 24-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 25-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 26-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 27-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 28-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 29-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 30-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 31-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 32-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 33-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 34-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 35-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 36-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 37-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 38-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 39-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 40-shelby-gt500cr-coyote 41-shelby-gt500cr-coyote

[Source: Classic Recreations]

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