First Ford Mustang Ever Sold

At the Detroit Auto Show we showed you the first Ford Mustang ever built, a Wimbledon White convertible that was sold to an airline pilot from Newfoundland, Canada. Now we can show you another “first” Mustang – the first one ever sold that’s currently on display at the Chicago Auto Show.

The story of how the car was purchased is interesting, as it was actually bought too early by mistake. Gail Brown, a 22 year old schoolteacher from Chicago, was at Johnson Ford looking to buy her first car. Nothing really caught her eye until the salesman showed her a Skylight Blue Mustang Convertible that was under a cover in the back of a dealership. The Mustang wasn’t supposed to go on sale until two days later on April 17, but Gail managed to convince the dealership to sell her the car right then and there.

Amazingly, Gail still owns the Mustang to this day, making her the longest running Mustang owner in the world. The car has sat idle in a garage for more than half its life, but thankfully it underwent a restoration just a few years back and is being driven once again by Gail and her husband Tom Wise.

You can see Gale’s beautifully restored 1965 Mustang Convertible on display at the Chicago Auto Show in the photo gallery below.

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