Ford Mustang Candy

If you think the 2015 Mustang is “sweet”, then you’ll love this: Ford and The Sugar Lab have teamed up to create edible 2015 Mustangs.

The Sugar Lab’s parent company, 3D Systems, took a CAD model of the new Mustang and shrunk it down to four inches long by two inches tall and printed it in sugar. The result is chocolate, peppermint, and sour apple-flavored candy Mustangs.

You can watch the process here:

The chocolate ponycars were made in a limited quantity for a one-time-only Valentine’s Day celebration, but Ford is in talks to potentially license the application, so they could be available for sale in the future.

Ford uses 3D printing to quickly produce prototype parts for design study vehicles. Interior components such as air vents, engine parts like cylinder heads and engine blocks, exterior parts including the fascia and grille, taillights and hood vents were all printed in 3D during the 2015 Mustang design process.

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[Source: Ford]

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