2015 Ford Mustang Design Sketch

If you were curious about how Ford designers came up with the 2015 Mustang’s design, then these newly released sketches might give you a clue to the process. We’ve actually seen the sketches before – on the cell phone of a Ford employee at an auto show – but thanks to www.carbodydesign.com they are now available to download in large format on the internet. The drawings were done by Bosnian designer Kemal Curić and were posted as part of an interview with him about the 2015 Mustang.

A look at the sketches shows many of the styling elements that made it into production, from the slim headlights to the fastback to the tri-bar taillights. The production version seems to have lost some of the aggressiveness of the earlier sketches, although that’s to be expected.

You can check out all of the sketches below, or head over to www.carbodydesign.com to read the full interview.

2015 Ford Mustang Design Sketch 02-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 03-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 04-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 05-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 06-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 07-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 08-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 09-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 10-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 11-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 12-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 13-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 14-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 15-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 16-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 17-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 18-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 19-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 20-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 21-2015-ford-mustang-sketches 22-2015-ford-mustang-sketches

[Source: CarBodyDesign.com]

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