2015 Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition

Last night Ford unveiled the much anticipated 2015 Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition to celebrate the half century mark, and today we can finally bring you live images from the car’s official debut from the show floor of the New York Auto Show.

As we told you last night the 50th anniversary model will be based on the Mustang GT coupe with the Performance Package and will be only be available in either Kona Blue or Wimbledon White. Customers will have the single option of choosing between a manual or automatic transmission. The 50 Year Limited Edition unique features include a unique grille, louvered quarter windows, chrome bezels around the taillights and a unique faux gas cap at the rear. Inside the cockpit gets a unique axel spin finish on the dash and cashmere stitching on the steering wheel, shifter boot, center armrest door inserts and seats. A serialized plaque also resides on the passenger side dash.

Just 1,964 examples of the 2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition will be built, ensuring that the vast majority of cars will be snapped up by collectors and stored in climate controlled garages.

You can view our extensive photos of the 2015 Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition in the gallery below.

01-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 02-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 03-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 04-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 2015 Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition 06-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 07-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 08-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 09-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 10-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 11-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 12-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 13-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 14-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 15-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 16-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 17-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 18-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 19-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 20-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 21-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 22-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 23-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 24-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 25-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 26-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 27-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 28-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 29-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 30-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 31-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 32-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 33-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny 34-2015-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-ny

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