Saleen 302 SC Black Label Mustang

The 2015 50 Year Limited Edition model isn’t the only Mustang we saw on display at the during the press days  at the New York Auto Show this week, as Saleen made the cross-country trek to show off their lineup as well. Featured prominently in the company’s booth is this gorgeous 302 SC Black Label Mustang Speedster painted in an eye-catching Speedlab Yellow.

The Black Label is Saleen’s most heavily optioned Mustang in their lineup and is the “epitome of Saleen styling and performance in one package,” according to the company. The car comes with a full Saleen body kit, 20-inch wheels, complete suspension upgrade, 14-inch brakes, custom interior with leather and Alcantara two-tone Chevron seats and plenty more. This particular model on display is the supercharged version putting out 625 horsepower.

You can see photos of the Saleen 302 SC Black Label Mustang Speedster on display at the New York Auto Show in the gallery below.

Saleen 302 SC Black Label Mustang 02-saleen-302-sc-black-label 03-saleen-302-sc-black-label 04-saleen-302-sc-black-label 05-saleen-302-sc-black-label 06-saleen-302-sc-black-label 07-saleen-302-sc-black-label 08-saleen-302-sc-black-label 09-saleen-302-sc-black-label 10-saleen-302-sc-black-label 11-saleen-302-sc-black-label 12-saleen-302-sc-black-label 13-saleen-302-sc-black-label 14-saleen-302-sc-black-label 15-saleen-302-sc-black-label 16-saleen-302-sc-black-label 17-saleen-302-sc-black-label 18-saleen-302-sc-black-label

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