Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Car Show

On Thursday April 17, 2014 the MCA (Mustang Club of America) along with support from the Ford Motor Company, various corporate sponsors, many local Mustang Clubs and volunteers held the largest birthday celebration ever witnessed for a car.

The Ford Mustang was turning 50 on this day, and if you were a fan of the Mustang it was one of the most exciting times in the half century history of the vehicle.  The opening ceremonies were kicked off by John Clor (Ford Racing) and Steve Prewitt (MCA-National President) as they introduced many of the Ford VIP’s including a very special video presentation by Lee Iacocca (Known as ”The Father of the Mustang”).  Ford then unveiled its 50 Year Limited Edition 2015 Mustang GT painted in Wimbledon White just as the original was in 1964.  As the black car cover was swept away the engine roared to life and the car sped down the pit lane and pulled up onto the track and stopped at the start finish line.  Out jumped none other than Bill Ford (Great Grandson of Henry Ford and Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company) to tell the crowds packed into the stands and on pit road all about the new special edition that will be limited to just 1,964 cars.

The sea of Mustangs was vast and the crowds built as the weekend proceeded.  Mustang Car clubs had arrived from all over the country and even from as far away as Italy, Slovakia, and Canada.  You could hear the same two questions being repeated all weekend long “Where are you from?” and “What kind of Mustang did you bring?”  Even thought there was a simultaneous event being held in Las Vegas, NV, there were some fans that drove from Texas and California just to attend the event in Charlotte, NC.   Everyone had a Mustang story and wanted to tell it.

Ford also had a black 2015 Mustang GT on display, and the lines continued to grow every day as everybody wanted to finally see this highly anticipated sports car that has kept the social media buzzing for months!

The Saturday night banquet/dinner was another highlight of the weekend as Steve Saleen reminisced about his company’s involvement in the Mustang and the racing success his cars have had at the track.  The fun-filled night was capped off by the key note speaker, none other than the 2015 Mustang GT chief engineer Dave Pericak.  His high energy talk about the cars’ capabilities had everyone wanting to sign the dotted line to purchase one that very night.  He kept the crowds wowed as he revealed a few surprises that the new 2015 Mustang GT would bring to the table, such as the new electronic line lock feature that will come standard on the GT model.

As the four day celebration was coming to a close, each participant who had registered and driven their Mustang was allowed to drive on the track for a couple of parade laps and the grins on faces said it all.

At the end of the celebration there were plenty of great memories, lots of celebrating the Mustang’s many accomplishments, and even more excitement about where Ford will be taking the Mustang in the future. Happy 50th Birthday to the Ford Mustang!

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Photos © 2014 Joseph Scott

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  1. Christopher DeMuth Says:

    Was at the event and am trying to get a photo from on the track (they took them) but no idea if who to contact about it and if they might still have the archive of them all available ?


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