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The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA is a must-see for any car enthusiast, and if you’re a fan of the Ford Mustang then it’s just become even more so. The museum is opening a new exhibit this weekend called “Mustangs Forever: 50 Years of a Legend” and boasts an impressive collection of pony cars from every generation. The display aims to encompass the overall history of the Mustang, featuring wonderfully maintained stock examples, some of the more well known “aftermarket” Mustangs from the likes of Shelby and Saleen, legendary motorsports Mustangs as well as limited edition models from Ford.

If you’re a regular reader of the web site you’ll likely recognize several of the cars in the display. There’s the 1965 Shelby GT350 “barn find” that was auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson a couple years ago, and the one-off 2011 Mustang Convertible Hardtop built by Galpin Auto Sports is hard to miss. You’ll also be able to spot a 1965 Mustang Convertible used by Ronald Reagan during his 1966 campaign for the governor of California, a stunning 1968 Shelby GT500KR, a rare 2000 Mustang Cobra R in mint condition, the 1967 Mustang “Malco” Gasser, the incredibly 1969 Mustang Mach IV Dragster, one of the 45 Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Mustangs with the window stickers still in place, a Saleen Parnelli Jones Mustang and much more.

The exhibit opens this weekend as part of the Museum’s “Mustang Madness” event that includes interviews with Mustang personalities on May 3, and a car show from 10:00am-2:00pm on Sunday, May 4. For more information on the events and the exhibit head over to and be sure to check out our gallery of photos from the display below.

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