Petersen Museum Mustang Madness

It was a Mustang-filled weekend in Los Angeles, CA this weekend, as the famous Petersen Museum hosted their Mustang Madness event as part of the ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations. Things kicked off Friday with the grand opening of their “Mustangs Forever: 50 Years of a Legend” exhibit that we showed you earlier, followed by an interview and autograph session with Formula Drift driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. on Saturday. Things got into full swing on Sunday, though, as dozens of Mustang owners rallied down from Galpin Ford for a huge car show on the roof of the museum’s parking lot.

A wide variety of Mustangs from all generations showed up for the event, ranging from 1960s Fastbacks in beautiful condition to highly modified examples of the current lineup. Galpin Ford brought out some of their amazing widebody Mustangs, Roush displayed off their 700 horsepower Phase 3 show car alongside Justin Pawlak’s drift car, and HRE also showed off their custom wheel lineup.

Visitors to the show had plenty to see and do. Guided hourly tours were given of the Mustang exhibit in the museum, which included a 2015 Mustang that was unveiled Friday evening, there was an autograph session with various Mustang personalities, a presentation by ‘Mustang Genesis’ author Bob Fria, both 1974 and 2000 versions of ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ were shown, and there was even a bounce house and scavenger hunt for the younger Mustang enthusiasts in attendance. People’s choice awards were also presented with cash prizes.

You can see our photos from the Petersen Museum’s ‘Mustang Madness’ event in the gallery below.

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