Coinciding with Ford’s launch of their new Technical Support Center in North Carolina, the Blue Oval invited out a group of journalists for a few ride-alongs. One of those cars happened to be the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost, and the publications’ initial impressions are now just hitting the web. For the most part it seems the cars were equipped with an automatic transmission (now with paddle shifters!) and the Performance Package with larger brakes and beefier suspension. You can read some excerpts below or click the link for the full article.

Motor Trend

“The engine note of the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost sounded pleasingly snarly — which isn’t easy with a turbo muffling the exhaust — though final sound tuning has yet to be completed.”

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“Off-the-line acceleration wasn’t tire-chirpingly quick, even in the sportiest setting, but once the engine was under full boost – we noted a bit more than 15 psi on the analog dial between the center HVAC vents – it started to pull strongly, wanting to stretch its legs.”

“One big advantage a four-cylinder holds over a six- or eight-cylinder is reduced mass. During the parking lot autocross, the new Mustang felt impressively agile and light. There was very little body roll, even during extreme maneuvering.”

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Car and Driver

“What we can say: It stops hard and, more surprisingly, flat. Thanks to the new independent rear suspension and a redesigned strut front suspension, the car no longer kicks its tail into the air under hard braking.”

“The autobox shifts quickly and firmly enough, either through the standard steering-wheel-mounted paddles or when left in full-auto mode, so you needn’t feel embarrassed about purchasing the automatic. But you still should opt for the manual.”

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Road & Track

“From the passenger seat, the car seemed relatively flat through the slalom and didn’t exhibit much nose-dive even when the faintest whiff of spent brakes came through the cabin. Our engineer wouldn’t give up numerical changes to braking bias, but admitted to “greater rear brake utilization” compared with the 2014 Mustang.”

“Torque felt adequate and spool was quick, though we were expecting a little more pep in its step. The soundtrack is in the same spirit as the Focus ST, though with a bit more grunt and sans induction noise—save one section of full-tilt lift into heavy braking, there wasn’t much sneezing and whirling from the 2015 Mustang’s twin-scroll snail.”

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Hot Rod

“Never before seen by us, the automatic trans has a rev-match feature for downshifting that’s pretty cool; pull to a stop and it sounds like you’re really good at heel-and-toeing a manual trans as the throttle blips to match engine speed and road speed for each gear. Yet, disappointingly, the rev match feature will not be available on manual-trans models.”

“Most importantly, we spotted a peak of 15 psi on the oddly decorated boost gauge, and 18 pounds is said to be possible with more load and rpm.”

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Yahoo Autos

“What I can say is that even without a steering wheel in my hands, the new Mustang felt markedly more composed than its predecessor around turns and during hard braking. Whereas a sharp corner in a solid-axle car can lead to wheel hop, the new independent suspension leveled the turns; and the Stang showed no sign of brake dive.”

“Compared to the current generation Camaros I’ve driven, the Mustang had an unfamiliar but pleasant lightness, although Ford hasn’t specified how much weight it’s saving in the update.”

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“Regarding the engine performance, power seemed sufficient, but not overwhelming.”

“The IRS-equipped S550 acquitted itself well in and out of the turns. It maintains a relatively flat attitude, with just a touch of body roll. Though constrained on the tight autocross course, it would seem the Ecoboost Mustang might just offer even more fun on a road course where it could carry more speed. It will certainly do just fine on the street.”

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