Carroll Shelby Car Show and Tribute

This past weekend the Carroll Shelby Foundation held their second annual Carroll Shelby Car Show & Tribute at the organization’s headquarters in Gardena, CA. As you might expect, dozens of Shelby owners and enthusiasts showed up to celebrate the man who created the Cobra, GT350 and GT500. Shelby Mustangs of all eras were in attendance, including an impressive display of six 1965 GT350s.

Of course, there were more than just Mustangs in attendance, and genuine Cobra models were in abundance including the very first Cobra, CSX2000. There was also a 1967 Ford GT40 race car on display as well as a 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe driven by Dan Gurney and Bob Bondurant to a class win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

There was plenty to do at the show as well, with a Terlingua-style chili cook-off, a wine and beer garden and a panel discussion featuring guests like Bob Bondurant (former American race car driver), Gary Patterson (VP of Shelby American), Lynn Park (“Mr. Cobra”) and Allen Grant (former Team Shelby race car driver).

You can see photos from the 2nd annual Carroll Shelby car show & tribute in the gallery below.

Carroll Shelby Car Show and Tribute 02-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 03-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 04-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 05-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 06-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 07-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 08-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 09-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 10-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 11-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 12-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 13-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 14-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 15-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 16-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 17-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 18-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 19-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 20-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 21-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 22-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 23-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 24-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 25-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 26-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 27-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 28-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 29-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 30-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 31-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 32-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014 33-carroll-shelby-show-tribute-2014

Photos © 2014

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