1965 Ford Mustang

White Horse Picture’s Nigel Sinclair has announced that shooting is underway on the company’s new documentary A Faster Horse that will explore the history and legacy of America’s most iconic car, the Ford Mustang, which is celebrating its 50 year anniversary this year. This is the first project Nigel Sinclair will produce under the White Horse Pictures banner, which long-time business partners Sinclair and Guy East founded in 2014. Directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi), White Horse Pictures will produce the film with the cooperation of The Ford Motor Company.

In the tradition of vérité films such as Undefeated and Jiro Dreams of Sushi, A Faster Horse will take audiences on a journey directly through the eyes of Mustang lovers all over the world, not just from the perspective of Mustang enthusiasts, but also everyday people who hold their own unique connection to this automotive icon. No other car inspires the sort of passion Ford Mustang does, to such a broad spectrum of people in America and
around the world. Alongside these personal stories, Gelb will immerse himself with those who built the Mustang legend over the years and the next generation that will carry it forward all across the world.

A Faster Horse will also follow the Mustang’s journey through American history and feature exclusive rare, and never-before seen archival footage, as well as interviews with historians and Ford insiders including former and current Mustang designers all the way to the top ranks at the Ford Motor Company.

“In recent times, Steve Jobs has taught us that practical, everyday objects – a music player, a personal computer – can be objects of great aesthetic beauty. The Mustang was perhaps the earliest exemplar of this philosophy,” said Nigel Sinclair. ”There has never been a car that has resonated so deeply in American culture as the Mustang, and David Gelb will bring his unique cinematic approach to the project.”

“Ford has generously allowed our team full access to a wealth of archive materials, and unparalleled permission to document the design and creation of the 2015 Mustang,” said David Gelb.

[Source: Ford]

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