This past weekend saw the running of the 92nd annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with 130 competitors vying for top honors in nineteen different classes. With the Ford Mustang seemingly capable of competing in almost any form of motorsport, it was no surprise that there were several examples on hand for the Race to the Clouds.

Leading things off was Ralf Christensson, driving his 1967 Ford Mustang to a first place finish in the vintage class. His time of 10:46.00 set a new record for both the class and for any Ford Mustang. He finished an impressive 27th overall.

Here’s a round-up of all the Ford Mustangs that competed at Pikes Peak:

  • #372 1967 Ford Mustang driven by Ralf Christensson – 1st in Vintage, 27th overall. Time of 10:46.00
  • #117 2008 Ford Mustang driven by Dan Aweida – 3rd in Time Attack 2, 53rd overall. Time of 11:28.679
  • #371 1998 Ford Mustang driven by Magnus Dybeck – 13th in Time Attack 1, 67th overall. Time of 11:52.524
  • #373 1965 Ford Mustang driven by Magnus Widen – 3rd in Vintage, 70th overall. Time of 11:56.954
  • #26 2008 Ford Mustang driven by David Schmidt II – 7th in Pikes Peak Open, 102nd overall. Time of 13:13.773
  • #78 2008 Ford Mustang driven by Kash Singh – 6th in Time Attack 2, 108th overall. Time of 14:17.352
  • #395 1966 Ford Mustang driven by Gerie Bledsoe – DNF

You can see our live photos of Ford Mustangs from the 2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the gallery below.

01-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 02-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 03-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 04-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 05-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 06-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 07-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 08-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 09-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 10-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 11-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 12-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 13-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 14-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 15-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 16-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 17-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 18-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 19-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 20-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 21-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 22-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 23-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 24-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 25-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 26-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 27-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 28-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 29-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 30-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 31-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 32-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 33-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 34-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 35-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 36-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 37-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 38-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 39-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 40-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 41-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 42-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 43-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 44-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 45-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 46-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 47-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 48-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 49-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 50-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 51-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 52-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 53-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 54-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 55-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 56-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 57-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 58-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 59-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 60-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 61-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014 62-ford-mustangs-pikes-peak-2014

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