2015 Ford Mustang

While Ford officially debuted their updated 2015 S-Max and C-Max people haulers at the Paris Motor Show this week, the main attraction at the Blue Oval stage was a Triple Yellow 2015 Ford Mustang. This isn’t the first time the 2015 Mustang has made an appearance at a European autos show – that was at Geneva Motor Show back in March – but it is the first time we’ve seen the European spec car.

There aren’t too many differences compared with the car we get here in America, but most notably are the clear taillights out back. They look a little strange to our eyes, but perhaps they’ll appear normal to Europeans. Also different is the two-tone reverse light with red center section sitting in the middle of the rear diffuser as well as the “GT” badge on the rear decklid that is placed inside the faux gas cap instead of being a stand-alone piece.

You can see the Euro-spec 2015 Ford Mustang in our gallery from the Paris Motor Show below.

2015 Ford Mustang 02-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show 03-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show 04-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show 05-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show 06-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show 07-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show 08-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show 09-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show 10-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show 11-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show 12-2015-ford-mustang-paris-motor-show

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