Cortex 2015 Ford Mustang

CorteX Racing has become synonymous with high end suspension components the last few years, particularly with the S197 Mustang. It looks like the company has big plans for the 2015 Mustang as well, as the company brought out this spectacular example fitted with some of their latest parts. Displayed in the HRE Wheels booth, the car features the CorteX-Grip suspension system including front and rear coilovers, adjustable front and rear sway bars and adjustable toe links. The look of the car is all about function, with a lightwegiht G-Stream carbon fiber front splitter, Tiger Racing louvered hood and Classic Design Concepts rear spoiler. The car also features Brembo 15-inch brakes, a CorteX 4-point roll cage, Vortech V3 supercharger system, Borla cat-back exhaust system, and HRE FF15 wheels fitted with Michael Pilot Super Sport tires.


  • Vortech V3 supercharger system with 610 rwhp/485 lb-ft torque
  • Borla cat-backexhaust system


  • CorteX front and rear coilover suspension
  • CorteX front and rear anti roll bars
  • Adjustable toe links

Wheels and Tires

  • HRE FF15 Flowform wheels
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires


  • CorteX / G-Stream carbon fiber front splitter
  • Tiger Racing louvered hood
  • Classic Design Concepts rear spoiler


  • CorteX 4-point roll cage
  • Sabelt racing seats and harnesses
Cortex 2015 Ford Mustang 02-cortex-2015-mustang-sema 03-cortex-2015-mustang-sema 04-cortex-2015-mustang-sema 05-cortex-2015-mustang-sema 06-cortex-2015-mustang-sema 07-cortex-2015-mustang-sema 08-cortex-2015-mustang-sema 09-cortex-2015-mustang-sema 10-cortex-2015-mustang-sema

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