2014 SEMA Ford Mustangs

2014 has been a huge year for the Ford Mustang as owners and enthusiasts have celebrated the car’s 50th anniversary, so it’s no surprise that this year’s SEMA Show has been taken over by the Blue Oval pony car. There are well over twenty customized 2015 Mustangs at the show as well as plenty of brand new parts from dozens of companies. Over the next few days we will be bringing you extensive coverage from the show including all of the custom Mustangs and the new parts being introduced, so check back to the site as we add more articles and photos.

Galpin Auto Sports 2015 Ford Mustang

galpin-auto-sports-2015-mustangGalpin Auto Sports is synonymous with customizing Ford Mustangs, so it’s no surprise to see them bring a unique 2015 Mustang to SEMA. Painted in a special black paint with gold fleck, the car is a tribute to the Mustang’s golden 50th anniversary. The theme is carried throughout the car, from the gold ADV1 wheels to the various gold trim pieces inside the car. Even the Whipple supercharger system, which produces 725 horsepower and is seen through a…

3dCarbon 2015 Ford Mustang

3dcarbon-2015-mustang-sema3dCarbon is no stranger to the Ford booth at SEMA, first making waves in the automotive aftermarket scene in 2004 with their 2005 “Boy Racer” Mustang. Ten years later the company is back with a throwback to the original car in its white and red livery. The highlight of the Mustang is the 3dCarbon 7-piece body kit that includes everything from the front fascia to the rear diffuser, accented by a set of Forgiato 22-inch Maglia wheels. The car is also packed with…

Watson Racing 2015 Ford Mustang

watson-racing-2015-mustang-semaWatson Racing as well as its sister company Watson Engineering have been integral in developing the Ford Mustang into a winning drag car over the past several years, not only playing a significant role in the manufacturing process of the Cobra Jet, but also supporting and sponsoring drivers as well. It’s no surprise then that the custom 2015 Mustang they brought to SEMA this year has a drag racing theme. Nearly every aspect of the car is designed for drag…

Petty’s Garage 2015 Ford Mustang

pettys-garage-2015-mustang-semaRichard Petty is most known for his time winning championships with Mopar, and his NASCAR team, Richard Petty Motorsports ran a Dodge for the most part of the decade. After the switch to Ford, though, the Petty name has switched its focus to the Blue Oval. The aftermarket division, Petty’s Garage, debuted their signature series Mustang at SEMA in 2011, and have introduced a new 2015 model at SEMA for this year. The car is easy to spot in the Ford booth with…

Cortex Racing 2015 Ford Mustang

cortex-2015-mustang-semaCorteX Racing has become synonymous with high end suspension components the last few years, particularly with the S197 Mustang. It looks like the company has big plans for the 2015 Mustang as well, as the company brought out this spectacular example fitted with some of their latest parts. Displayed in the HRE Wheels booth, the car features the CorteX-Grip suspension system including front and rear coilovers, adjustable front and rear sway bars and adjustable…

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