2015 Ford Mustang King Cobra Concept

We brought you the initial photos and details of the King Cobra Mustang Concept earlier this week, and now we’re happy to say we can show you live images of the car straight from the show floor of SEMA. The car looks incredible in person with its scaly looking paint, and the snake on the hood gives it that same over-the-top look as the Mustang King Cobra of the late 1970s.

Unlike the original, though, the 2015 King Cobra has some serious performance credentials, thanks to a host of parts installed from the Ford Racing catalog. The car is equipped with the Ford Racing Drag Pack (heavy-duty half shafts, and a rear sub-frame kit with pre-installed high-performance bushings), the Handling Pack (front and rear lowering springs,rear shocks and a stabilizer bar kit), and the Super Pack (600+ horsepower supercharger kit). The one-off car also features Weld Racing wheels and Mickey Thompson ET street tires. Ford Racing says the car is capable of running a 10.97 second quarter mile – impressive given the fact that all the parts can be ordered from your local Ford dealer.

You can see the 2015 Ford Mustang King Cobra Concept in more detail in our live photo gallery below.

2015 Ford Mustang King Cobra Concept 02-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 03-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 04-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 05-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 06-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 07-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 08-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 09-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 10-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 11-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 12-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 13-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 14-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 15-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 16-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema 17-ford-mustang-king-cobra-concept-sema

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