2016 Shelby GT350

Yesterday saw the debut of the 2016 Shelby GT500, with Ford releasing the long awaited details and photos of the new flagship Mustang. Ford didn’t just show off the car online, though, and had a live unveiling at the Shelby American facility yesterday evening in Gardena, CA. The building has been the home of the Carroll Shelby Foundation and will be the future home of the Carroll Shelby Automotive Museum, but for one night it was focused on just one car – the 2016 Shelby GT350. Dozens of Shelby and Mustang fans came out for an impromptu car show to celebrate the occasion, and packed in to the main room of the building with media and Ford employees to see the car unveiled.

With the curtains pulled the 2016 GT350 came drifting into the room, and current Ford vice president and Shelby/Mustang enthusiast Jim Farley stepped out to formally introduce the car. He went over some of the basic specs, which you can read about here, and told some great Carroll Shelby stories as well. After that everyone was invited to step up and take a closer look at the car and get additional photographs.

You can see our photos from the live unveiling below, and stay tuned for additional photographs of the car from the LA Auto Show later this week.

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