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Amazing barn finds don’t come along to often especially Shelby GT500’s though when they do we cannot help but feel a little bit jealous.

Rich Barnes, who we’ve reported on before, was again lucky enough to pinch this untouched 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 of a Colorado ranch. The story goes that Mr Barnes was visiting a small town in Colorado when someone noticed his Mustang jacket and struck up a conversation. The stranger gave Rich a tip on an abandoned Mustang out on a Ranch that was going through liquidation after the owner passed away. The stranger also mentioned the vehicle was “blue with white stripes”

Shortly after Rich headed to the farm he removed the tarp covering the car and was looking at a genuine Shelby GT500. The 428 Police Interceptor big-block, dual four-barrel carburettors, and the correct oval air confirmed that this was indeed a Shelby.

The owners though didn’t realise what they had and accepted Rich’s offer to buy the car. “They were kind of shocked and surprised that the car was possibly worth that much, I could have probably gotten it for a little less money, but I didn’t want to insult anybody or come across like I’m trying to rip them off or hurt their feelings.”

Rich can now happily say he has another Shelby for his collection and plans on restoring it to its former glory. One can only wish for the kind of luck Rich has with finding old Mustangs.

1967-ford-mustang-fastback-engine-view (1) 1967-ford-mustang-fastback-engine-view 1967-ford-mustang-fastback-interior 1967-ford-mustang-gt500-fastback-profile 1967-ford-mustang-gt500-fastback-three-quarter-rear


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