67-8 Mustang FA Dash

Well we can’t really remember when I updated you all on my very own project car. After packing up shop in Australia and moving to London, England it’s been slow going on the restoration front. However just this past week I’ve finally progressed a little. Given it’s only been purchasing of the air conditioning solution but any progress is good progress. Right?

Although I’m located in London the car and build is still happening down under in Australia. And I foresee once the project is completed (in 2050 at this rate) I’ll be enjoying it in sunny Australia where summer temperatures constantly nudge 40 every day. That’s 104 Fahrenheit.

For this reason it’s essential I’ve got a reliable air con solution. Especially whilst sitting in a very old metal car. I decided to go for the Old Air Products Hurricane system. It fits right into the car and comes with some original deluxe louvers. My car wasn’t originally and air con car. So I don’t have any of those parts top use unfortunately.

Hopefully this will do it’s job and keep me cool through those summer months. Stay tuned!


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