It’s one thing to have a Mustang that looks the part, but it’s another thing entirely to have one that can back up those looks with tire-melting power. AmericanMuscle Customer Nathan’s 2007 Mustang GT has the best of both worlds—head-turning good looks and a world of power beneath the hood. Outfitted with everything from Air Lift Suspension to a Roush Supercharger, Nathan’s sleek ‘Stang packs a punch that can put the completion in their place—at a show or at the track. See the full collection here.


Dialed-in Ride Height

Giving you up to 4.75” in the front and 4.9” drop in the rear, Air Lift Performance’s Digital Suspension Kit gives Nathan’s Mustang the perfect look in any environment. Using progressive rate air springs, the Air Lift Kit allows you to dial in your ride height to exactly where you want it, while allowing you to adjust it with the press of a button. Utilizing a bolt-in, no-cut installation, the Air Lift Kit is ideal for people who want to improve their handling while also having the versatility to take on any type of road surface.


Sequential Styling

Giving Nathan’s Mustang some retro styling with a modern twist is Raxiom’s Sequential Tail Light Kit. A true plug-n-play assembly, the Raxiom Sequential Tail Light Kit adds sequential lighting functionality to your brakes, turn signals, and hazard lights. Backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty, this Raxiom kit is a breeze to install and will leave you looking fresher than factory!

Charged Performance

Sending 5 PSI of boost on the stock pulley, the Roush M90 Supercharger takes the power and performance of Nathan’s Mustang to the next level. By itself, the M90 will deliver 435 HP and 400 TQ to the flywheel, which is an easy recipe for melting your tires and whooping up on the competition. Backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty, the Roush Supercharger kit gives you neck-snapping power and peace of mind, making it an ideal mod for any 3-valve Mustang.

Deep Dish Stance

Helping Nathan’s Mustang nail that muscle car look is a set of Deep Dish Bullitt Chrome Wheels. What many would consider to be the quintessential Mustang look, these 5-lug chrome wheels bring that classic styling into the 21st century. Cast from lightweight aluminum, these triple plated chrome wheels have a menacing look with their deep dish design, making everyone think twice before lining up next to you.


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