The chase scene from Bullitt is arguably the greatest chase scene in automotive history. The King of Cool himself, Steve McQueen rips around the streets of San Francisco in a de-badged 1968 Mustang with Dark Highland Green paint. This Mustang captured the hearts of enthusiasts, and Ford eventually paid homage to McQueen with their first Bullitt edition Mustang in 2001. Ford decided to bring it back again for the 2008 and 2009 model years before it was retired it for another decade. Keen-eyed car spotters caught a glimpse of a Mustang rolling around Chicago with a Highland Green paint job several months ago, and the rumor mill started churning. Excitement was building and people began asking the question: “Are we going to get another Bullitt Mustang?”. The answer is yes!2019-ford-mustang-bullitt-6

Interior and Exterior

Ford unveiled their new Bullitt Mustang this week at the North American International Auto Show, much to the delight of onlookers. With it’s signature Dark Highland Green paint, the Bullitt captivated audiences under the bright lights at the NAIAS. In traditional Bullitt style, all the exterior badging has been removed with the exception of the faux gas cap on the deck lid panel. The Bullitt also receives a unique grille with a chrome trim ring around the outer edge, devoid of the iconic pony emblem. The premium interior comes with Bullitt specific dash trim pieces, green stitching on the seats, dash, and steering wheel, and a unique Bullitt splash screen for the radio and digital dash. Recaro seats are an available upgrade if the standard Mustang seats just won’t cut it for you. If Dark Highland Green isn’t your style, the 2019 Bullitt is also available in Shadow Black, but wheres the fun in that?


Power and Handling

The power plant for the Bullitt will be the Gen 3 Coyote engine, but Ford has confirmed that it will have more power than the standard GT. Rumor has it, the upgraded engine will be fitted with a GT350 style intake manifold and larger throttle body to give it a little more pep in its step. Early estimates peg that power level at 475 horsepower, an extra 15 horsepower over the regular Mustang GT. Active exhaust will be standard on the Bullitt and will feature Bullitt specific mufflers, presumably tuned to give it a sound similar to the original Bullitt. The Active Exhaust system will allow owners tune their exhaust volume on the fly from the instrument cluster. The only transmission option available will be the new MT82-D4, with Ford deciding not to offer an automatic option for the Bullitt.

Of course, it just wouldn’t be a Bullitt Mustang if it couldn’t tackle corners. Ford has opted to include the suspension and brakes from the Performance Pack Mustangs as a standard feature of the new Bullitt. Stiffer springs, more chassis bracing, upsized sway bars, and unique EPAS, ABS, and Stability Control tuning will make the Bullitt a corner carving machine. MagneRide dampers will be an optional upgrade for those looking to push their Bullitt even further.2019-ford-mustang-bullitt-live-cp-6

Racing to a Dealership Near You

Unfortunately for us, the Bullitt won’t be here for the 2018 model year. Ford has slated the Bullitt moniker for return in the 2019 model year, so we’ll be waiting a bit for them to hit the lots. Fortunately, most GT mods should be right at home on the Bullitt, so it will be interesting to see what tuners can do with the Bullitt once they start shredding the streets.2019-ford-mustang-bullitt-live-cp-28

Photos by Jon Wong/Roadshow.

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