The numbers in the title says it all – 1200 HP and 9.743 seconds. That’s how much power M6G member Mike5876’s 2018 GT makes and how fast it’s managed to go in the quarter mile!  Even more impressive is that this was all done on stock internals.

Mike’s 2018 GT features the Hellion GT Street Sleeper Twin Turbo System (base kit with standard turbos). The motor is stock, as is the transmission and converter. The other modifications include a triple pump fuel system and Extreme DI high pressure pump running on E85.

The car was just run at the Bowling Green NRMA finals where it put down a 9.743@152 MPH on 17″ wheels and drag radials. With 20″ HRE wheels and drag radials it managed to still run a 9.841@149.96 MPH! Check out the time slips inside.


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