Ford just dropped a bomb at the 2019 SEMA show, revealing a new Mustang “Lithium” battery electric prototype in collaboration with Webasto, a project vehicle which generates more than 1000 ft-lbs of instant torque and more than 900 horsepower!

Powered by a 800-volt Webasto battery system with EVDrive technology, the Mustang Lithium signals the future of Mustang performance with unique 6-speed manual shifting and blazingly fast quarter-mile acceleration and track handling.

“Ford has made no secret of the fact that we are electrifying our most popular nameplates,” said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s Chief Product Development and Purchasing Officer. “This one-off Mustang prototype is a great opportunity for us, together with Webasto, to showcase to our customers what a new electrified powertrains can do for performance in a car they already know and love.”

The Mustang Lithium has a low profile and custom carbon fiber body components, 1-inch lowered stance and 20-inch staggered fitting forged wheels. Under the hood, is a Phi-Power dual-core electric motor and dual power inverters – all powered by an 800-volt Webasto battery system with EVDrive Technology that can discharge a mega-watt of electrical energy.

Check out this first look at the Mustang Lithium battery electric prototype and stay tuned as we will have live shots from the SEMA 2019 show!


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