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Not only does the 2020 GT500 belong in supercar conversations, but it downright wins the conversation against some lofty competition. Just like how the GT500 recently beat the Lamborghini Huracan Evo in the annual Automobile All-Star competition! Read on inside as Automobile explains how the GT500 took down the Huracan Evo

Mustang6G sponsor 50 Deep is one of the lucky few in this world to own both the 2020 GT500 and the GT350. And even luckier yet to be able to run them on the track in back to back track sessions. So it’s a rare perspective that he’s been able to share in this review [&hellip

2020 GT500 Baseline and Tune Dyno Results

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Coastal Chassis Dyno in Tampa, Florida, teamed up with Revan Evan to strap the 2020 Shelby GT500 to the dynonameter for some baseline and tune dyno results. The 2020 Shelby GT500 used for this test had less than 200 miles under its belt when Sam at Coastal Dyno began revving its engine to 8,000 RPM. [&hellip


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