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Our first Readers’ Rides feature is actually two cars – Rich Trost’s 2012 Mustang Boss 302 and 2001 Mustang Bullitt. Rich is the owner and administrator of and is currently on military assignment, meaning he hasn’t seen his pony cars since May of 2012. The Boss 302 is almost completely stock, save for Ford Racing’s TracKey, although he plans on adding an intake, exhaust system and new wheels. “I love everything that encompasses being in the Boss, from the sounds, the feelings, and the looks you get while driving …

We’ve previously shared some of the best photos we’ve ever seen of an Eleanor creation and still to this day …

Last time we checked in with Dee on is 1967 Raven Black Fastback he had the body kit fitted and …

Something I promised myself when I began my Eleanor project that was I would try my hardest to have the car look as close as possible to the movie car. I’m still a long way off yet as you all know but it’s really exciting when you come across another project that has gone down […]

It’s been some time since I posted a reader ride so there’s no better time than now to show you all Dee’s 1967 Raven Black Fastback. Having owned the car since April 2010 Dee has been working hard getting the car up to scratch and has kindly shared a heap of photos with us. The […]

It’s been quite some time since I posted about Adam and his Mustang collection, in-fact it was almost a year! The good news is things have been going great for Adam after starting his very own business as a Mustang car hire company. Which, to be honest, is something I know I’d love to do. […]

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a reader ride and it’s not because I’ve not been getting some great people writing in. I’ve seen some amazing projects this year alone, I’ve just not found the time to post about all of them. This project is something special though sent in by Christopher who is […]

Back in April I posted about Adam’s LHD and RHD Supercharged Eleanors that were being built here in Australia. Well it’s been a few months and I have a nice update for you all. Last week Adam informed me that the LHD car was now on the road!
“I am planning to eventually pay for […]

It’s not too often you will find someone who owns not one but two Eleanors but that is just the case for one of our readers, Adam. So you may ask, isn’t one Eleanor enough? Why two? Well Adam has a plan because unless you are made of money, building two cars will be very […]


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