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Whenever we come across customs or badly executed tributes like this we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. In this instance, probably both. Indian ‘tuner’ and ‘car customizer’ BigDaddyCustoms have come up with this uh.. well.. unique ‘Eleanor’ based on none other than a Daewoo Lacetti. And therein lies the beginning of a bad […]

Don’t we all wish we could come across something as cool as this? Open up one of our relative’s long forgotten holiday home barns and find a nice 1968 Ford Mustang GT500? We can all dream. Though for some lucky people these kinds of stories are realities. This Acapulco Blue 1968 Shelby GT500 looks to […]

In 2007 Academy Award-winners Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman starred in the feel-good movie The Bucket-List which followed two terminally ill men on their around the world trip trying to complete their wish list before they passed away. For one scene the two stars got behind the wheels of some serious American muscle, a 1965 […]

Earlier in the year we brought you the amazing retromod Mustang Microsoft had commissioned by West Coast customs in order to showcase some of their consumer products including Windows Phone controls, Xbox 360 consoles, tablets, Kinect sensors and even a back window that can be used as a gaming screen. Now we’ve come across this […]

There’s been an unfortunate and sad turn of events surrounding the death of Carroll Shelby. TMZ is reporting that Carroll’s estranged wife Cleo is in a bitter dispute with Shelby’s children over who controls the body. According to reports Carroll and Cleo were still married at the time of his death even though they were […]

There was only one 1967 Shelby GT convertible ever built. This factory-equipped dual-quad ragtop was assigned to Carroll Shelby and later became the ’68 styling prototype & photographic car. This one of a kind car has recently been restored and will be on show at the 2012 Carlisle event on Friday June 1st. On August […]

It’s not every day that a rare 1968 Shelby GT500 Convertible is discovered having been buried in someone’s garage for over 30 years. This particular car only has 53,000 miles on the clock and what’s more it comes with its original engine, paperwork and no rust! So why was this car parked and forgotten about […]

In 1965 Leon Fake purchased a brand new 1965 Ford Mustang GT Convertible in silver blue. He managed to put 85,000 miles on it before he sold it. Now almost five decades on Mr Fake wanted it back. Luckily for him the car was tracked down and amazingly he was able to buy it back […]

It’s with great sadness today to hear the news that the automotive legend Carroll Shelby has died aged 89. Shelby passed late Thursday night in Dallas, Texas from complications stemming from an ongoing illness. Best known probably for his Shelby Cobras and Mustangs, Shelby was also a highly accomplished racer in the 1950s before he […]

Cast your mind back to February 2011 and you may remember the awesome promotional video the Polish Mustang Club put together. Now it seems The Mustang Club of Parana, Brazil have tried their hand at it. And it’s 5 minutes every Mustang fan should watch. Apparently all of the clubs member’s cars are featured in […]


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