It’s not really a major update this week however the good news is the new Shelby hood and nose has arrived. It was only a few months ago that

I decided to give up on the Eleanor dream I had when I was a young adult and build a Shelby GT500 clone. Now we’re in the midst of gathering all the parts needed to press forward. A few weeks back we got the Shelby gauges. See them here..

Stay tuned as things should begin to progress faster as the months roll on this year.

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This past week I received a nice little package from the guys at Classic Recreations, my Carroll Shelby signature Shelby gauges, in KPH. (hey, i live in Australia!). They are something I’ve talked about quite a bit and whilst I already purchased a great set of Autometer gauges quite a few years ago I just could not pass up the opportunity to have these guys in my car. Check them out after below.

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Ford has announced that the Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustang will carry over into the 2018 model year but without all the changes and updates made to the 2018 Mustang....

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If you would have told me 10 years ago that my loved Eleanor Project will be scrapped one day in favour for a more standard looking GT500 resto-mod I would have said you’re mad. But that is just what is happening this year.

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With only a year to go before the 50th year anniversary of the movie Bullitt, it’s very fitting that the long lost 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback has been found. In a Mexican junkyard of all places!

Two cars were used during shooting of the film. While one was purchased by a crew member, the other – which is said to have been damaged extensively – has been ‘lost’ ever since. Steve McQueen searched for it until his eventual death but it was thought scrapped long ago.

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They might be the only new vehicles sold in the United States with high-strength aluminum-alloy bodies, vinyl seats and 10-speed column-mounted shifters – just the way their customers want them....

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The Ford Focus RS is the latest result of the One Ford plan and the new Ford Performance brand that promises to give us the goods from the around the...

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Ford is teasing us mercilessly with the 2018 Mustang as we lead up to its launch this fall, creating video snippets along the way to reveal features and styling. The...

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Sharing the same displacement and overall design of the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine of the Ford Mustang, the specific output version found in the Ford Focus RS does have a number...

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The all-new 2018 Ford Expedition goes on sale this fall, sharing the F-150’s aluminum body structure with an updated steel frame and powertrain. The first all-new Expedition in decades, it’s...

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