Drift superstar Vaughn Gittin Jr. stopped by the Ford booth at the Woodward Dream Cruise today to officially hand over keys to the 700-horsepower Eagle Squadron Mustang GT to its new owner Brayton Williams.

Williams’ bid of $420,000 was the highest last month at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s The Gathering fund-raiser and auction in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

2018 marks the 20th year Ford has supported the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture fly-in and the 10th one-off Mustang the company has provided for auction. All proceeds are donated to the association’s youth education programs, which encourage and support the next generation of pilots. To date, Ford has worked with the association to raise more than $3.7 million.

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Shelby American just debuted the 2019 Shelby GT at Woodward Dream Cruise Mustang Alley today!

The latest version of the Shelby GT includes two trims and two powertrain options, both of which evolve the formula of enhancing a Mustang GT with a collection of Ford Performance parts, unique exterior and interior styling and collaborating with Ford Performance engineers to dial in the suspension.

The base naturally aspirated version produces 480 horsepower with the help of a new exhaust, while the supercharged version can boost horsepower to over 700+ thanks to the Ford Performance supercharger.

Shelby American has added its package of exterior changes to each 2019 Shelby GT including the Shelby upper grille, rocker panels, rocker wings, rear spoiler, taillight panel, Le Mans-style striping and interior touches such as embroidered seats and floor mats, CSM numbered dash plaque and Shelby American emblems and badges.

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This just in! Ford has pulled the covers on the 2018 Cobra Jet Mustang (50th Anniversary Limited Edition) at Woodward! This is the quickest drag racing Mustang ever, with a quarter mile time in the mid 8 second range.

It can also hit a top speed of 150mph. The 50th Anniversary Cobra Jet’s design pays homage to the original Cobra Jet which debuted at NHRA in 1968 and its production is limited to just 68 cars (a tribute to the 1968 original) at a price of $130,000. This newest Cobra Jet will make its public debut this weekend at the Woodward Dream Cruise.

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Ford is gearing up for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise and it has a series of Mustang-related events and vehicle debuts planned into the weekend.

To kick things off, Ford will be unveiling a new production vehicle on Thursday, August 16 (10am EDT) at the Ford Media Club House. Then the real fun begins.

Ford will be auctioning the Mustang “JDRF” Bullitt and begin raffle sales to win a one-off Kona Blue Mustang Bullitt to support juvenile diabetes research — the winner will be selected in November.

As this is the 20th anniversary of Mustang Alley, Ford expects as many as 1,000 Mustangs lined up for a nearly a mile this Saturday, August 18.  This coincides with a Bullitt parade in which the new 2019 Bullitt and historic Bullitt models will parade down Woodward Avenue starting at 7am EDT.  Later that day, the Eagle Squadron Mustang GT will be presented by Vaughn Gittin Jr, to the AirVenture auction winner.

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The latest 2020 Shelby GT500 prototype to be spied is seen in a new video wearing a track package style spoiler, another nod to the possibility of different versions of the upcoming Mustang halo car.

As M6G users have speculated for months (years?) there could be a GT500R or GT500KR model to go along with the “standard” next-gen GT500, but that remains to be confirmed or denied by the Blue Oval.

One thing is for sure,  this Mustang isn’t hiding that it is being track tested, with that VIR (Virginia International Raceway) sticker on its rear bumper.

Until then, enjoy this new video and audio of the 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang.

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Ford just pulled off the covers of the new NASCAR Mustang that will compete in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in 2019.

The unveiling took place at the Dearborn World Headquarters to mark the first time ever that Mustang will compete in America’s most popular form of racing, the brainchild of the Ford Design and Ford Performance teams who worked carefully to translate Mustang’s signature style to meet NASCAR rules, ensuring Mustang will look as great on the oval as it does on the street.

Check out the unveiling of the Ford NASCAR Mustang for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series for 2019.

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Ford Motor Company today celebrates the production of its 10 millionth Mustang at Flat Rock Assembly Plant!

The S550 Mustang that had the honors of such an occasion was a Wimbledon White 2019 Mustang GT six-speed convertible, a salute to Mustang VIN 001 — the first serialized 1964.5 Mustang that featured a 164 horsepower three-speed V8.

It’s not just Ford Motor Company celebrating the occasion but also legions of its fans, owners, enthusiasts and Mustang6G members who have owned all generation of Mustangs throughout the years.  More than 60 of these owners of all model years are assembling for a tribute to the 10 millionth Mustang by spelling out the milestone with their Mustangs, followed by a P-51 Mustang fighter pane flyover by its namesake.

Check out all the celebrations of the 10 millionth Mustang inside.

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What a difference a week makes. Just a short update to show you what we’ve just got back from the powder coaters.

I’ve just got the coated seats back along with the diff and rear seat panels. It’s all coming together quite quickly now. Still a long way to go and a lot of parts needing attention and assembly. As for these seats I’ve got a nice set of 1967 deluxe upholstery that is going to go on them. Also, i luckily managed to buy and store original 1967 hard seat backs in black with the trim, some will know how rare they are especially since they aren’t cracked.

The one issue we’ve encountered is the listing wire. The original ones being far too gone to be reused so we’re having to look around to see if we can find any. If you know where to get some 1967 Mustang upholstery listing wires let me know. In the meantime, stay tuned!

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Good news this past week. The car has been sent out to the body and panel guys for the last bit of work before the long task of putting her together begins. So that means all the smaller jobs need starting, one of which is restoring the old seats.

As you can see the original seats aren’t in the best of shape. The frames were bent and broken possibly due to a heavy previous owner perhaps?. So we’ve stripped them all, straightened the frames and welded up the cracks.

Once we strip the rear seats they will go off to the powder coaters to get recoated, along with the Diff housing and a few other bits and pieces that need doing.

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For the regular readers of this site you will know that the building of my car has been a feat that has taken the better part of a decade. I’ve gone through the Eleanor love story and back again and am now setting my sights on a Shelby GT500 resto mod.

Not long ago I received the Shelby GT500 front end. You can see it here. Then I managed to get a custom order Classic Instruments Shelby gauge set from Classic Recreations. Custom in the fact that it is metric (KPH).

But now as the year begins we are fitting them up and they look rather good as you can see in the picture above.

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